Virtual Reiki Classes

The silver lining in the black cloud of the Covid-19 virus has been an upgrade to the Holy Fire® Reiki energy. This upgrade has given us the ability to give the Holy Fire® Reiki “Placements” and “Ignitions (Attunements) to students during live online classes. Previously the attunement process required the teacher and student to be physically together. It is the Placements and Ignitions that connect the student directly to the Source of the Holy Fire® Reiki energy.

Reiki has always adapted to human needs as our needs have changed during events in world history. This recent evolution heals on an additional level making it easier for students to become their Authentic Self by healing areas within the student which have been unhealthy hindrances in their ability to accept and live as their Authentic Self. This transformation occurs in the background of ones’ awareness as a pathway of unification in which ones’ self-image merges with the Authentic Self. It is a pathway of empowerment.

This new system of Reiki allows us to make a smooth transition during this challenging time of social distancing and allows us to continue teaching Reiki at a time when so many more people are in need of receiving the healing blessings Reiki has to offer.

The online video classes are designed to be taught live by a certified Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher who will interact with students in real time. Students will be able to interact with their classmates during online classes to share their experiences and engage in helpful video conversation.

Class sizes will remain small to ensure individual attention and maintain the high quality of instruction that has always been the required standard of all International Center for Reiki Training Teachers.

The online video class curriculum places an emphasis on Self-Reiki and Distance Reiki. The more you heal yourself the more effective you will be in helping others. We have all been impacted by the changes Covid-19 has made in our lives. Most of the changes are of a “wait and see” how it goes nature. Learning to give yourself and others the comfort that Reiki gives is a way to be proactive rather than reactive during this time of “wait and see” what happens.

You have within your reach the Ray of Light and the Key to living a happier, healthier, grace filled life no matter what comes your way.

You are empowered to live the life that your Authentic Self has been waiting for.

You can have a positive effect in the world around you.

Continuing to do what you are doing will give you what you have. Step out in faith knowing that you were born to achieve great accomplishments. Trust that our loving Creator has already prepared the Way for you.

I promise to be your companion and will walk beside you on your journey of self-discovery, your journey to your Authentic Self. Together we will touch the lives of many, empowering them to become their Authentic Self and live happy, harmonious lives.

Are you ready to start the next chapter in your life by learning Reiki?

I am ready to help you.

This will be a big change in your life.

It is important for you to know that you have chosen the right teacher for yourself.

Before students register for classes, I like to visit with them on the phone so that we can start getting to know each other. Please email me, Jennifer Brodigan with your phone number and the best times for me to reach you by phone.

My email address is

If you live too far from Salem Oregon to pick up your class training manual, your manual and training materials will be mailed to you. When planning to registering for a class remember to allow enough time for you to receive the necessary training materials.
Class schedules are posted in the "Calendar" tab at the top of your screen.