Salem Health

This Reiki program started as a vision of a time in the future when Reiki will be a common practice within traditional medicine & my part in making this vision a reality. A physician said it best "We've learned how to treat the body & mind, but humans are also a soul. We need to treat all aspects of a person & Reiki helps us to do that." Reiki heals the body, mind & soul in a safe, gentle subtle way that compliments & enhances other forms of medical treatment.

January 2016, we began a three month pilot program to test the receptivity of the nursing staff & patients in the Oncology Dept. Two times each week, highly trained Reiki practitioners gave Reiki to cancer patients' in the patients private rooms & to nursing staff when they had a few minutes to rest. A month & a half later, there was no turning back.

The nurses look forward to the times when we are there, knowing that their work will be easier after we spend time with their patients. Frequently, patients who had been filled with fear & anxiety, will relax into deep sleep while receiving Reiki.

All of the Oncology nursing staff that I have met at Salem Health are highly compassionate, caring people who want to help their patients in every way possible. When their patients are able to relax, the nurses' own stress level is lowered.

During this time of Covid uncertainty our Reiki volunteer program will be on hold. If you have any questions please contact me at;


 Patients are soothed, nurses are happy and Reiki volunteers love sharing their talents, gifts & skills.