Each Reiki treatment is as unique as is the individual who comes to me for healing through Reiki. After each healing session, I feel honored & blessed to be able to bring the healing energy of Reiki to my clients.

My Reiki studio is a peaceful & lovely space where clients feel safe, secure & comfortable. It’s a space that they don’t want to leave when the session ends.

After receiving a Reiki Treatment, clients tell me things like……..

  • “I’ve never felt this relaxed before.”

  • “Oh my goodness, my chest doesn’t hurt anymore! I don’t remember the last time it didn’t hurt.”

  • “That was an amazing experience, I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.”

  • “The worries that have been holding me back have been released.”

  • “It’s been months since you treated my hip & it still doesn’t hurt.”

  • “I have clarity about the decisions I’ve been struggling with.”

My favorite, at this moment in time, was from a woman who hadn’t shared any early childhood background with me before her treatment began. After her session she said,

“I felt like I was wrapped in love. I’ve never felt so loved.”

She then opened up & shared painful childhood experiences with me. She had carried those emotional injuries with her for half a century. Then she described how she saw the injuries dissolve & blow away in an ocean breeze as she was being wrapped in love. As I sat there listening to her, I had to fight back tears & the urge to fall to my knees in humble gratitude for being allowed to be a part of her healing process.

Reiki heals in many ways & sometimes, unexpected ways.

Private session appointments are set via phone conversations, so please feel free to call me or email your phone number to me.

 For your Reiki session, please allow yourself approximately an hour & a half. We will visit for 10 or 15 minutes before we go into the Reiki room for your session, which will be about an hour on the massage table, fully clothed & snuggled in blankets. Afterward, we will chat about your experience until you feel that you have fully returned & are ready to go back out into the world. 



Private In-Person or Distance Sessions are $115 each.