My Story

My journey began when I was three years old, just being a kid, alone playing outside when God spoke to me. It has been a message that stayed with me. God had a special plan for me. I would do something important when I grew up & that something would help many people in a powerful way. A couple of years later, I asked God to help me understand what it was He wanted me to do, I was trying to figure out what I should be when I grew up. What was it? A doctor? No, girls couldn't become doctors. At five years old & in that era of time I had not heard of a woman doctor. Was I to become a nurse? No, that wasn't it. A missionary? No, again. That conversation with God may not seem important to you as you read this, yet for me, it was the start of a very long process that led me to Reiki. 

Time & life went on, those two young conversations with God stayed with me

Adulthood came with all of it's frantic busyness that consumes most of us & the questions went unanswered. What was that special plan God had for me? How was I to help people? And then, in the most unexpected situation the doorway to Reiki opened revealing the answers to those long asked questions. 

As a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, I help people in profound & unexpected ways.

Even though I work with Reiki everyday it continues to amaze me in the infinite ways that it comforts & heals those who come into my life for care. 

Do you ever wonder if you are fulfilling your lives' purpose or that something is blocking you from moving forward in turning your desires into reality? 

I hear that a lot from those who come to me for Reiki treatments. Often times they come with what they had perceived as a physical discomfort, then during their Reiki session a mental or emotional ailment is released & the physical pain dissolves. 

Teaching Usui-Holy Fire II Reiki is an honor beyond words. I get to teach people skills to change their way of being in the world & during their training layers of issues that no longer serve their highest & best good are removed making way for them to help themselves & others live more fulfilled & happier lives. 

Through the gift of Reiki God led me to create a volunteer based Reiki program at our local hospital.

Within the first two & a half years of the program our Reiki Team gave over 1,100 Reiki treatments to patients, their loved ones & to their nursing staff. Yes, it's been a lot of work, but the blessings far out weigh the burdens. How many people do you know who while working with a critically ill patient witnessed the patient open their eyes & say, "I just saw Jesus & I'm not afraid to die anymore."?

Reiki has taught me to expect the unexpected.
My job is simply to show up with a loving willing heart to serve
& God will do the rest.
May your life be filled with joy & continued unexpected blessings.
So may it be,