Reiki Share and Healing Experience

                                 Each month on the second Tuesday                                    

at 7 pm pacific time for about one hour.

The meeting will open at 6:50 so we can start at 7:00.

Before the Reiki Healing experience you are invited to ask your Reiki  related questions and share your Reiki journey with the others.

             This is a time to connect with other people who have been                   drawn into the beautiful world of Reiki.

                   A time of community and feeling connected with kind,                                    compassionate and interesting people who also are                  growing into a joyful life with Reiki.

                        After we have will visited for awhile,                                                        I will facilitate the Reiki Healing Experience. 

          The Healing Experience is unique and different each month.                                                    You will feel blissful and at peace                                                                           with yourself and those around you.

                  At 8:00, if you would like to stay and practice your                                         Distance Reiki skills we will move into "Breakout Rooms"                                          so that you can give and receive Distance Reiki.  

Many blessings to you,
Jennifer Brodigan

Prior Reiki training is not necessary.

It is free, only an hour and in the comfort of your own home.