My Story

My journey started when I was three years old. I was alone playing outside in our yard, doing somersaults in the grass & watching puffy clouds float over head. There I was, just being a kid, when God first spoke to me. It was a message that has stayed with me all my life. God had a special plan for me. I would do something important when I grew up & that something would help many people in a powerful way.

A couple of years later I was asking God to help me understand what it was he wanted me to do, so that I could plan what I should be when I grew up. What was it? Was I to be a doctor? No, girls couldn't become doctors. It was 1961 & at 5 years old I'd not heard of a woman doctor. Was I to become a nurse? No, that wasn't it. A missionary? No, again. That conversation with God may not seem important to you as you read this, yet for me, it was the start of a very long process which lead me to Reiki.

Time & life went on & those two young conversations with God stayed with me. When I was 16, I became aware of a warm energy that periodically would flow from the palms of my hands. There was no way for me to know what it was & I sure as heck wasn't going to tell anyone about it. What would someone think if I told them that some sort of something unseen, tingly & warm came out of my hands?​

Adulthood came with all of it's frantic busyness that consumes most of us....... making a living, raising 3 amazing & incredibly different children. Isn't it interesting how the same genetic recipe makes such different & unique children? There were lots of other family needs outside of our household, 24 years of being a Realtor, a landlord & as time allowed I oil painted, mostly portraits. Yes, life has been busy. Then 7 beautiful grandchildren came along, the reward for having survived the parenting years.

Throughout all of those years, I continued to ask, search, study & pray for the for the answer and still the question remained. What was that special plan God had for me?

While working on a business project I met a woman who taught Reiki. That was a major "A-HA" moment for me! Finally I knew what I felt in my hands. Immediately I took all of the Reiki classes that she taught & even repeated two of her classes. I had to know more! Everyday I practiced what she had taught & read oodles of books. A year later I met the perfect Reiki instructor for me. She had the knowledge, skill & accreditation to teach me the knowledge & skills I would need in order to be able to accept the position God had intended for me.......... TEACHER.......... teacher of Reiki to those who will in their time, practice & teach Reiki.

The practice of Reiki is rapidly becoming a respected healing method among traditional medical fields. Every month more hospitals are incorporating Reiki practitioners within various hospital departments. As the need for trained Reiki practitioners continues to grow, more & more people will need to be trained as Reiki practitioners & teachers to fill the growing demand. That's were I come in. At last, that long asked question has been clearly answered.

So May It Be

Jennifer is a Professional Member of
The International Center for Reiki Training