Reiki Circle

     This is a time to give & receive the lovely gift of Reiki in a group setting.

     Experience is not needed to participate & enjoy the peaceful healing benefits of Reiki.

     Experienced Reiki practitioners are welcome to join in & assist those without experience.

     The Reiki Circle is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Cost is only $10

H.O.M.E. Living Wellness Center

3892 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, OR

Reiki is a technique for deep relaxation, when our mind & body is fully relaxed the body        can heal its' self faster & the mind will be filled with a sense of well-being. 

Reiki is administered by the gentle "laying on of hands" or by holding the hands slightly    over the recipient's fully clothed body. This increases the flow of the "Life Force Energy"      that flows through all living beings.

If our Life Force Energy is low & out of balance, we are more likely to become sick or feel stressed, When our Life Force Energy is high & in balance, we are more capable of being happy & healthy.