Usui / Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Training

Upon completion of this class you will be certified as a Reiki Master
with the ability to "Attune" - "Ignite" others to Reiki.

The ART / Master Training combines both the Advanced Reiki Training 
& the complete Usui / Holy Fire® III Master Training into one 3 day class.

​NOTE: Prior to taking this class, students must have completed the 
Reiki l & ll training & have practiced their skills for a minimum of 6 months.

Advanced Reiki Training

The Usui Master attunement which increases the stength of your Reiki energy. The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki lIl symbols. Practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments. Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind & expands consciousness. The use of crystals with Reiki. Reiki aura clearing that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself & others & send it to the light. The Holy Love experience in which Divine Love is

                                                                                                  placed into your heart.

Usui / Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Training

The Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience. The Pre-ignition & the Healing Fire ignition. The complete Usui / Holy Fire II Master ignition. Instruction & practice on how to give Reiki attunements for Reiki l & ll, ART, the pre-ignition & both ignitions for Reiki Master. The Healing Attunement that when given directs the powerful placements energies to heal. The Usui / Holy Fire III system of placements & ignitions is taught as by the International Center for Reiki Training. Lots of time practicing giving placements. The Holy Fire symbol is given for a total of 5 symbols. How to give yourself attunements & ignitions. The values & spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master. The “How” to teach Reiki & how to develop your own Reikibusiness. The 182 page class manual written by William Lee Rand. Usui / Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Certificate.

Class size is intentionally kept small to insure each student completes the class with full confidence in their ability to perform all of the techniques that are taught. Each skill is practiced many times. During class time students will practice giving Ignitions (attunements) on each other, in the process, students receive many Ignitions (attunements) themselves. This class is a powerful healing experience for all. While the content of the class will allow students to pass on the ability to do Reiki on others & to teach if they choose, many take the class for their own use or to use with family, friends & pets.

 Class Schedule 

November 20th, 21st, & 22nd

December 18th, 19th & 20th

January 22nd, 23rd & 24th In-Person class 

​To register or for more information, call or email.

Jennifer Brodigan

Cost is $1025.